Symphony of the Heart

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Symphony of the Heart

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In this poetic analysis of the human response throughout the journey of life, Peter Donaldson unveils his examination of human behavior in various circumstances and in response to a variety of topics, including love, faith, politics, relationships, and black history. He offers this literary exposition of the nature of the human heart and the intriguing emotional reactions we express towards the obstacles, successes, and failures of life, hoping to leave readers refreshed by a complete showering of poetic utopia.

Although largely influenced by a Christian perspective, the philosophical ideologies presented here aim to stimulate deep thoughts in the minds of both the believer and agnostic alike. Symphony of the Heart presents an expression of lyrical artistry that surveys a journey into the uncharted waters of faith and unbridled emotions. In the dialect of poetic lingo, Donaldson intends to spur discussions concerning the controversial issues of life with language creatively written in such an untailored fashion as to create a sentiment of tranquil literary bliss.

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