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Legal Minds: Detecting Rogue Police Officers and Other Important Law Enforcement Issues

94 pages1 hour


Have you wondered about the following?

? How do I detect bad police officers?

? What signs do I look for?

? Where do I report bad police officers?

? What do you say when you hear you're under arrest?

? What do I say to an officer attempting to violate my rights?

? What are Miranda rights?

? What are legal and illegal searches and seizures?

This book covers the definitions of several crimes, reasons criminals commit certain crimes, and countless other important issues involving law enforcement. The authors hope these guidelines could perhaps save a human life or at least help one avoid bad and unfair police officers. Readers will discover practical comments about how to possibly avoid rogue police officers, the definition of a rogue cop, tips on certain signs of bad cops, and the reporting of such law enforcers to the proper authorities.

Review commentaries by a former law enforcement officer and explanations examined by a licensed professional counselor and educator.

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