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Vengeance Was Hers

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Sue decided it was time to make her presence known to both parties: the fellow running toward the gully certainly could not hide for long and, if the rider was indeed an officer, he needed to know that she was there to help. Sue fired the return signal. Although he could not see her, she saw the rider wave. She remained hidden in the gully.

She saw the rider pull up just short of what she guessed would be accurate rifle range. The rider dismounted, hobbled his horse and melted into the tall grass. She thought, his actions confirm my guess that it is Guy Grimes. Sue reasoned that Guy Grimes would try to get between the man on foot and the far away woodlands to the east, thus placing him in a box between her and Guy. She slowly started working her way down the gully. At this point, Sue was convinced that Chad Brode had somehow fallen in an unplanned trap between her and a seasoned officer of the law. Her next thought, will good triumph over evil? She would soon learn the answer to her question.

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