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Black Blood = 21St Century Oil Rush

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Noel Robertson was born during WWII. He worked hard to gain qualifications in school, banking and then general construction. All the time Noel had a nagging question - "Why are we so poor and who are these people controlling everything?" A Jewish friend told him that 'only fools work'! This made him think, so he embarked on various self-employed activities. Becoming ill at age 51, he has not worked since. He started his research into the history of mankind which took place way before all those Biblical stories - he needed to know the origins of our species and set out to find the 'missing' link according to Charles Darwin. Time allowed Noel to read numerous books allied to this subject, including those written by Zecharia Sitchin setting out his translations of the Sumerian Tablets. Noel basically found out where we, as a human race, came from. It was these findings that led to Black Blood = 21st Century Oil Rush. This brings right up to date the reasons for wars, both historical and current, which mankind has had to endure. Man has simply given his mind away! If you think you are free, then think again. It is a journey from pre-history, through Biblical times, the renaissance period to the present. Imperialist administrations are still fighting wars over the 'control' of modern energy - oil and gas - and indeed human minds. Man is being drawn in with most of the world not realising and understanding the covert powers at work here. Black Blood = 21st Century Oil Rush provides some very interesting answers - true understanding is highly controversial. Just substitute the word 'God' for 'space-ship' and 'global' for New World Order and enter Noel's world.

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