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A Lighthearted Book of Common Errors

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Leading magazines and newspapers; seminary journals; Congress members and Presidents; prominent historians, authors, journalists, newscasters, and talk-show hosts all have made language blunders that found their way into A Lighthearted Book of Common Errors. These arent just typos or temporary lapses. They occur repeatedly and without apology!

And now the most egregious slip-ups are gathered into a single place. Heres a great opportunity to seize the moment and upgrade your knowledge of English. Then youll be better able to recognize common errors and correct them in your own speech and writing.
Its a mini-education in a most delightful format: humorous settings that couch mistakes in unforgettable ways and challenge your wit, a la Dr. Seuss. Who wouldnt want to invest a few dollars and a few hours in such a pleasurable way as relaxing with this entertaining and instructive volume?

Discover why the reason why and the reason is because are redundancies. Learn how dangling participles can get you hung up in illogical sentences. And dare to confront other words and phrases that are misspelled, mispronounced, and misused. Its a snarky lark with a stark bark that will mark you as a word shark and help you avoid the dark!

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