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Lucifer's Reign & Satan's Fall: Genesis 1:1-2

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All was perverted in the earth from man to beast under Satans totalitarian rule; men who were novices to wickedness now breathe it with proficiency with the iniquitous philosophies of Lucifer and the undergirding of his celestial subordinates. The pre-Adamites became Satans calamitous disembodied spirits. God would unreservedly destroy the world with a flood. His creation has become mutinous, a decadence of men and a hosts of celestial subordinates; Satan has weakened the nations. Now the Architect of Darkness has schematically designed in his heart to dethrone God in an insurgence like no other!

In this scholarly exploration of the mysteries of our past and present world, Dr. Angela Croone considers the topics of history, paleontology, science, physics, climatic change, and accurate theology as they relate to the Genesis Gap. This term refers to the world before the present time that existed between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2, whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished. Croone examines related biblical texts and their implications in controversial issues regarding both our past and our present.

Meticulously researched and thoroughly presented, Galgaliel Angels and D[a]emons provides a better understanding of our historyits light and its darkness.

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