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You Will Not Die: From a Missing Link in Today’S Educational Format

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Never before has a guide explained the Light of Truth, the only methodology that can ensure how any human being can design a lifestyle in this human life that will assuredly reward the onward living of an eternal life in Heavenly conditions. The chaotic and intolerable conditions that prevail in the body of mankind at this time, subjecting every human being to live in a shroud of fear that can divert the mind from wanting to independently investigate the meaning of life. Now you too can learn the secret to assuring eternal felicity for yourself!

Dr. M.M. Sreenivasan unearthed Truth, although it took him more than forty years to decide to share it with every living human being around the world. Out of true love of every living human being on planet earth, he presents his findings in an easily understood, descriptive style. He attempts to counteract ignorance that could lead to eternal remorse and a meaningless life.

Equip yourself with the knowledge necessary to live eternally in joy and learn that You Will Not Die.

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