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Fear of the Beast

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The summer of 1954 spelled disaster for a majority of Wheatfields 34,000 residents. Terror surfaced in this rural town of Fork County, Nebraska, and few of the residents survived. It was called the summer of the digging. Among the dead was the towns minister, Alex Balloon. But his wife, Jane, and their unborn son, Sam, survived.

Wheatfield never regained its population, but a small pocket of survivors remain devout Christians, including Jane. But in secret, the others have committed themselves to the services of the Prince of Darkness, the Lord of the Flies, and ruler of all that is evil. It is often difficult to tell which residents stand for good and which stand for evil. Thirty years later, evil again hangs over Wheatfields populace. The phones are not working, vehicles are disabled, and a hot wind blows. The residents are afraid.

A battle soon rages as the Prince of Darkness fights to gain the souls of the human race. A small pocket of Christians finds the strength to resist but only time will tell if their effort be enough to stave off the evil.

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