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The Kingdom of the Supernatural: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth

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This Book was birthed out of my Personal Relationship with My Lord and Savior. Let me assure you that God came to me first as a warning that I was going to go through many hardships, griefs, and trials. None of which I was expecting. He was preparing me for things I would have never been able to survive in my own strength. If He had not warned me of the hardships to come, it may had led me to my demise. "I'll always be with you, you'll never be alone." This was God saying to me " You are mine, I knew you before you were in your mothers womb." I am a chosen child of God, all I had to say was Yes, Lord, Yes! Knowing God is knowing my destiny!
I hope this book will steer numerous people to their destiny with the ONE that trully loves you, unconditionally!
I pursue Him with my whole heart, I want more and more of the love He has for me.
I urge you all to pursue our Savior, He won't be hard to find. Just ask Him to forgive your sins and come into your heart, He will!

My prayer is that everyone that reads this book will know they also have a Personal Savior and that this book will guide you to that reality.
I trully beleive this book will take a Christian to a whole new level and bring a non-christian to their Salvation. This is my prayer.

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