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Individual and Organizational Success or Failure

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Do you want to be successful or are you scared of success?
Are you perfect? Do you know anyone who is perfect? Do you think you can improve and be happier, more successful, and a better person?
Do you know anyone who had the courage to get what he or she wanted in life by daring to change directions in life? Do you have the courage to be successful in your life?
Are you afraid of success? Did you ever wonder why some people keep doing the same things (usually mistakes) that keep them failures even though success can be theirs if they only acted differently?
This book shows you how to be successful and embrace it with courage.
Life is a simple system: you were born, raised, and when you reached school age you attended classes and learned a system of reading and writing, and perhaps you majored in some field. That is all good, but those things (things you learned in school) are only basic and raw tools.
Life has its own rules and secrets that this book will unravel and show you all you to know. It is up to you not your teachers, or bosses, or your parents, or anyone else to act and make your life a success and get you what you want from it, because nobody else will hand it to you.
You can do it. Just start today and right now; good things will happen for people who try. Good things will happen for you.

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