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Jesus in Time

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The calendar dates, which are plainly documented in this book, are the exact dates that Jesus of Nazareth lived in the flesh, and performed his life and ministry upon the earth for the redemption of mankind. The dates are based on the dates of the Mosaic calendar of the Old Testament, the time prophecies of the Book of Daniel, and the narrative of the New Testament, which Jesus fulfilled during his life and ministry.

This book, Jesus in Time, reveals the true and exact calendar dates of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ on our present-day Gregorian calendar. It reveals the true dates of his conception, birth, circumcision, presentation, baptism, transfiguration, last supper, gethsemane, crucifixion, entombment, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven on our Gregorian calendar.

This book is composed of four parts, each of which are necessary and that complement each other. Part I deciphers the Mosaic calendar of the Old Testament. Part II reveals the hidden meaning of the time prophecies of the Book of Daniel. Part III presents the exact dates of Jesus life and ministry. Part IV bears witness to the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ in the latter-days.

The knowledge of the exact dates of Jesus' life in the flesh simply serves to document his life in our human history. I sincerely hope that this knowledge will be a great blessing to all Christendom, and to all the world of mankind. May we finally know the true calendar dates of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, the scriptures on which they are based, and the truth to which they bear witness.

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