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One Day, Forty Nights

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What does a man do when his lover is murdered, his only friends abandon him, and the entire galaxy is against him? It seems like only yesterday that Wobert was the happiest man alive; now he must make a choice: sacrifice everything to save the friends that left him for dead, or track down and kill his lovers murderer. The galaxy is in turmoil around him, but the struggle he faces within his own hardened soul is even more perilous.

For the last thirty-eight days, Wobert has been creeping closer to his demise while his ship slumbers in a swamp on Bactiwa, the only habitable planet in the Leckta System. As he journeys from bliss and peace to alcoholism and self-destruction, a skirmish flares up between the Bacts and the marine army. Fueled by rage and lust for bloodshed, Wobert slaughters several men on each side; now both sides view him as an untrustworthy rogue with a death wish. The Bacts want Wobert to lead them back to glory, but Wobert just wants to be left alone.

Only time will tell if Wobert will fly off into the stars as a victorious hero or if he will fail, letting evil reign forever.

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