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Jesus Was Not a Christian

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The title of this book Jesus Was Not A Christian will startle thousands of Christians throughout the world. To devout Christians such an opinion of Jesus is contrary to the traditional potrayal by clergymen. To the Christians, Jesus Christ was all that they think the Gospels say he was, the founder of Christianity, the God incarnate Messiah, conceived by the virgin Mary and dedicated to spreading the message of the salvation to the Gentiles... the most startling fact that I have uncovered from my study of the New Testament... is not describing one man when it refers to Jesus. The first Jesus appeared at the beginning of the first century... Jesus considered himself to be a descendant of the house of the King of David, and that he was the God Sent King of the Jewish people, the Messiah, a title which when translated from the Greek means 'Christos' or Christ, roughly corresponding to the Hebrew 'Anointed One'. This was the 'Jesus of History'... The second Jesus never lived. He is a composite and more often contradictory personality who is described in the new Testament as God the Son Incarnate. The is the Jesus who is credited with founding the Christian Church. He is the product of falsifications, misunderstandings, epileptic seizures of Paul of Tarsus... Historians have come to call this character the 'Jesus of Theology'... Concerning the rise of Christianity Christians are absolutely ignorant... In the early Church martyrdom and sainthood were not of the slightest importance to its development... What did the closest associates of Jesus think about him? What effect did the Jewish War have on Christian origins? What part did criminal forgery play in Christian history?... More questions will be answered with no holds barred...

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