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Dealing with the Devil: The Third Book of Gabriel

230 pages4 hours


Gabriel can still feel his wings, even though they were severed from his body nearly two thousand years ago. He and Laura, have just happily reunited with the daughter they once thought was dead, despite being caught in a fierce battle between the Mafia and the Roman Catholic Church. But now as he watches his daughter, Belle, attempt to lead a normal life despite losing a hand in a fight with her long-time nemesis, Gabriel knows he will do anything to restore his beloved daughters original beauty.

Because of her unique physiology, Belle thinks there is not a surgeon in the world who can reattach her hand. But Gabriel knows of someone who may be willing to perform the operation. Unfortunately, Malevar the Grey Priest is not exactly from this worldand the last time Gabriel and he met, each had attempted to kill the other. In a different dimension with few gateways, Gabriel embarks on a fateful journey where he must find allies before he can strike a deal to save his daughter.

In this continuing fantasy tale, a fathers unconditional love drives his perilous mission within a strange land where he soon discovers a dark force wants far more from him than he ever imagined.

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