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It Is Time to Hold God Accountable

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It is Time to Hold God Accountable is a controversial scrutiny of biblical stories which determines how God never existed and the tremendous resulting repercussions on humanity.

Then why the title? The main source document offered as proof of Gods existence is the Bible. Without knowledge of its contents, how can we realistically determine Gods existence or lack thereof? After reviewing various Bible stories, the accountability leveled against God for his biblically described actions is so powerful, the question of Gods existence becomes valid.

Why consider Gods accountability at this time? Entering the new millennium, approximately one-third of Earths population professes to be Christians. After two millenniums of indoctrination by Christianity, is our earthly home a safer place to live? If this is not the time, when will it be? Also, how will humanity deal with global problems with God to guide us?

We will review the Bible writers lack of knowledge, archaeology, missing artifacts, biblical chronology, and Jesus Christ and the historical Josephus. We will also examine how the discovery of alien intelligent life will become additional proof of Gods non-existence and the resultant collapse of Christianity. We will be taken on a journey from Adam to aliens with numerous biblical and scientific stops along the way.

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