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One Cycle of Darkness: The Second Neoluzian War: Book Iv

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In One Cycle of Darkness, book four of The Second Neoluzian War epic fantasy series, the Orc armies commanded by the wicked Orc dictator Arkan Spiritstrike have destroyed the dark elven city of Balenwood in Frontentia as their conquest of the lower lands continues unabated. The very dangerous 8th Orc legions commanded by the feared General Deathpox the Culler, now moves to cut off the dwarves of Carpallachia from providing assistance to the other endangered peoples of the land.

At the salon castle, David Parr and his companions have unlocked the secret location of the great necromancer Termaplix using a combination of information that they have gathered in the land since the human stranger arrived in Neoluzia and a gift from Queen Tara in the Dagger of Sight. However, with the destruction of Balenwood and the pending Orc attack upon the light elven city of Oakmantle, David Parr's decision to remain in Neoluzia forces his widening involvement in the war and the demands placed upon him from those that face the darkness of the enemy from the north.

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