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Goodwin Girls

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Decades after the civil rights movement began its ascent into America; a young psychologist begins a search for answers to the mystery surrounding her grandmother Mercedess life when she was a student at a private school in a small Southern town.

Olivia Crenshaw had always shared a close relationship with her grandmother. When she is asked to fill in for a colleague as a temporary counselor at a nursing home in the town where her grandmother once lived, Olivia welcomes an opportunity she hopes will bring peace not only to her after her grandmothers death, but also to her grandmothers troubled spirit who visits Olivia nightly in her dreams. When she meets nursing home resident Rubee Beaudoin, who turns out to be her grandmothers former roommate, Olivia begins a quest to uncover the truth behind her grandmothers youth that she hopes will bring closure to both her and Rubee, who is haunted by her own memories.

As a psychologist, Olivia knows that Rubees fragile and fragmented mind holds the key to unlock the door to the past. As Olivia delves into her grandmothers former life with Rubee guiding her, she unearths the details of a tragic event that explains everything.

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