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How Awesome This Place: Genesis the Ongoing Story of Creation

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Creation and Evolution are sometimes controversial topics to modern Man.
How can a modern person of Faith reconcile scientific knowledge with biblical accounts of
Creation of Heaven and Earth?
Why, where and how does Man fit into the overall scheme of things.
What is the destiny of the Human Race?
How can Man avoid trouble and have a successful Life?
These are all age-old questions answered by an age-old Story, namely, the Story of Creation
as recorded in the first book of Moses.
The Writer has taken the humble step to explore this informative Story in a meaningful manner,
so as to benefit Man and Woman in their unwittingly problematic Life.
Life is complicated and too many self-proclaimed gurus offer Man and Woman their un-solicited
advice , how to achieve Nirvana.
This book is written to provide information on how to deal with problems and solutions
according to divine Scripture. May the Reader be richly blessed by its contents.
The Writer

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