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Visions of Light: An Essential Poetry Collection

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As children and adolescents, we imagine that one day we will become knowledgeable about life, having all of our questions answered in order to reach the completion of being. However, as we age, we quickly learn that completion in life is neither easy nor certain. Steven Hyatt's Visions of Light explores universal observations that come to most of us on our human journey and the spiritual, intellectual, and emotional responses evoked when we face the many comedies and tragedies of life.

From "The Gallant Charge of Youth," a look at one's youthful naivety, to "The Hardships of Growth," a work about evolving emotionally, each poem in Visions of Light is a touching composition woven from the threads of one man's meaningful life. Whether transcending the corporeal world or painting a compassionate portrayal of dealing with difficult people, each verse offers up a beautiful scene that will strike an emotional chord with any reader.

With compelling imagery and unforgettable emotion, Visions of Light takes the reader on a deep journey into the heart of one man as he explores the human experience.

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