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A Spy Is Not a Spy

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This story of the Revolutionary War in New Jersey shows the conflict from a young mans perspective. Richard Morris battles his inner doubts as much as others are battling with muskets. The son of a Loyalist, he believed firmly in the king at the start of the war. Little did he know that his beliefs would lead him through all of New Jersey in a way he never expected.

This book reflects real events that few people know about; for example, how was Washington able to take Trenton by surprise? How did the British act during their occupation, which moved many people to become patriots? Did women play any part in the fighting during the Revolution? How were small bands of farmers able to defeat the greatest military power of the time? The answers to these questions are based on Blehl's original research at historical libraries in New Jersey.

Teachers will appreciate this book as it is written on a higher interest level for adult or high school students, who may have a lower reading level. It is also perfect for ESL students who read on an intermediate or advanced level.


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