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The Last Lie... I'm Not Listening Anymore

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Have you ever studied the requirements and qualifications for the position of Turkey Eviscerator Supervisor? Probably not. They are quite specific and complex. Too bad we don't have to measure up to such high standards in our own journey through life. We just muddle and struggle as best we can and try not to get too bogged down in all the extraneous details and assessments thrown at us daily. The obstacles to actual thought and introspection are everywhere. People park at the curb to run inside a bookstore and make their purchase.

No time to wander and wonder in the atmosphere of the establishment. No time to stop. The Last Lie I'm Not Listening Anymore is a chance to slow down, and come to a complete stop, if necessary. Savor the life experiences. Unearth the feelings. Some are soft and sentimental. Some have edges so sharp they cut like carving knives. Many images, both real and imaginary, will peck at your consciousness. Some may even demand your attention as a squalling child might. Hopefully the enormity of love and the gargantuan expression of its loss and subsequent pain will awaken some response in you. I do believe a stuffed turkey is an excellent metaphor for life. So let's gut this bird and see what spills out! Something warm and tasty Something truly foul. (You may even smile occasionally!) Dig in and don't choke. I hope you'll want to come back for seconds. Bon Appetit!

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