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Vethia: Lords of Ralk: Lords of Ralk

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Step into the unique and magical realm called Vethia. It was the first realm created as a prototype for all other worlds. Each new being was created in Vethia, before they were given a land to rule. Therefore this massive world is filled with many different creatures.

In the frozen northlands of Vethia exists an ancient city called Ralk. Ralk has been savagely attacked by demons whose true motive is unclear. It is now up to the Lords of the city to decide the fate of their kingdom which has been threatened by a species of lizard men.

Blake Cathel and his family are blacksmiths of Ralk who are caught up in the oncoming conflict with the lizard men. Blake and his brothers eventually prove their skills to the Lords of Ralk and are asked to join the council of Lords. This story follows their incredible journey from blacksmiths to knights and eventually Lords of the most powerful city in the north.

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