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Going to Ireland: A Genealogical Researcher's Guide

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In a few weeks, a few months, next year, sometime-- you are
going on a genealogical research trip to Ireland. Success will
depend upon having names to work with and on some knowledge of
place and time; progress will be better if some things are done
before departure. How do you prepare, and do your best to insure
research time is well spent? Start with this guide. The authors
have considerable experience in helping genealogists begin their
research in North America and in guiding them through the steps
they must take in Ireland.

The book introduces researchers to Irish boundaries, Irish
records and Irish repositories. There are suggestions for what
to do at home, outlines of the contents and services of archives
and libraires in Ireland, as well as some travel advice. The
bibliography lists those how-to books and reference works which
will build understanding and even speed the process. As well
as being full of useful information, this handy guide is easy
to take along. Don't leave home without it!

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