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The Difference in Butterflies: A Chinese Dancer's Memoir of Her Flight from Inner and Outer Tyranny

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In 1970 Yung Yung arrives in New York City where it is rare to see a young Asian woman outside of Chinatown. Modern Dance icon Martha Graham has recruited Yung Yung while on a visit to Taipei where the brilliant young dancer's story begins. Yung Yung, who could not imagine life beyond her invisible cage, is suddenly free of the political dictator Chiang Kai-shek and the backstage parents she'd supported since early childhood. In this memoir we experience the fall and resurrection of a professional dancer/choreographer who, with the help of Martha Graham and an unconventional psychotherapist Shepherd Hoodwin, escapes outer and inner tyranny, to find passionate love and the ultimate-identity as her own woman: free to be.

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