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Albanian Tattoo: Poems

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Sami Milloshis newest collection of poetry, Albanian Tattoo, is an emotional exploration of some of the collateral damage of emigration unaccounted for by a shallow assumption of hope in an American Dream. Milloshis work presents a linguists playground, with fascinating discourse patterns, at once cajoling and poignant, cleverly interspersed with sharp musings and hidden metaphors.

Milloshis second book of poetry not written in his native tongue, Albanian Tattoo examines the themes of homesickness, hope, and love of family and freedom. The use of his newly learned language to express his observations and his essence is surprising and innovative, even as the subject matter turns bitter. He reflects on his personal struggles and how they have deepened his thoughts about the values of life, making love and freedom sacred to him.

I Saw My River

I saw my river
it flooded lands, dreams,
houses, wedding parties,
deaths, kisses,
and all ached in my heart.

I saw my river calming down
songs and roses had no thirst
expecting the caress of this waters to come
they bloomed in my soul.

My river is not a woman without womb,
I know the source from which it flows!

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