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The Simplicity of God's Plan: It's Your Choice

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I have been close to my Lord Jesus and my God since age 6. I live in SE TN, USA with my husband of 47 years. We have two grown sons and four grandchildren. I am a retired teacher who writes about everything. But this book came to me by the Holy Spirit in January of 2010. I published it only because it is a book I know God wants many people to have. I never thought to have a book published until this one came along. But it is a book that I cannot lay aside and forget. I know my great God will send it out to those who can benefit from it. I pray that you will give a copy of this book to those whom you know need it. It is not a Bible study book, but rather a book for those who have been skeptical about the Bible and for those who disregarded it as a work of fiction. Time is short for this world. My heart hurts for everyone who does not know my Jesus. I pray this book will help many come to Him and accept Him as their Savior and Lord.

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