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The Love Project: Volume 1: Unsinkable Spirit

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Hope. Love. Longing. Fear. Anger. Pain. Despair.

These are the emotions that unify all human beings regardless of race, culture, country, or social standing. This poetic anthology is a self examination by the author of how she experiences these emotions in her own life, which serves as an example for our own suffering. Are we all doomed to feel these emotions in these stages or is it more like a circle, with hope leading to despair and back to hope again?

Like the sinking of the Titanic, the loss of the author was a tragedy, especially for someone who brought so much happiness to all those around her. And like the Titanic whose treasures were unearthed after her sinking, so too is this book of poems a treasure brought back to the surface for you to enjoy.

One of the first of many.

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