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Horses Lemons and Pretty Girls

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After wandering from job to job, Dave Sanders is digging wells in North
Dakota. Its the sixties, so the pay is decent for a construction laborer, but
Dave soon realizes that digging wells is not something he wants to do.
After some minor skirmishes he hitches a ride home with a trucker. He
decides that he wants to travel somewhere and talks his best friend, Ben,
into going with him. Th ey plan to go to Pensacola, Florida to visit Bens
wife. Before they leave Dave meets the new girl, Kathy, who now lives in
the apartment across the hall.

After a short, intensely erotic aff air, Kathy leaves and Dave and Ben go to
Florida. With the exception of a brief interlude with a young lady at the
beach, the trip proves to be a lot less than Dave hoped for. When Dave
and Ben return home, nothing seems to go right for Dave, so he decides
to take a trip on his own. Along the was he learns new skills that improve
his working life, and begins a series of erotic adventures that change his
life forever, and lead him to the woman who was meant to be his.

Michael George is qualifi ed to write this book because he was a young
man during the sixties, and remembers the era well and the adventures
on the road. Michael George has had a lifelong interest in the environment.
He has volunteered at a national wildlife refuge. He is retired.
After a lifetime in Minnesota he now lives near Gainesville, Georgia with
his wife of over forty years. His working life was varied, but his main occupations
were operating/programming main-frame computers and carpentry.
He now enjoys writing, gardening, reading, (he especially loves a
good mystery) scrap booking, cooking and outdoor photography.

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