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Wedding Planning Made Simple: An All-In-One Wedding Planner

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At last a truly 'All-In-One' Wedding Planner. From the softer side of want goes into planning a wedding from Marian's view to the nuts and bolts of the required planning elements from Bryan's eye, comes a true, 'How To and Do' program. With Wedding Planning Made Simple not only are you presented with the information you need to plan your wedding, but you will have access to the on-line planning program that lets you implement the templates and planning tools discussed in the book to create your own personalized wedding. Far superior to the typical hard copy wedding planners in that once written in they are really not re-useable. With the on-line program you have the flexibility to add, manipulate, change or modify your planning as often as you like to suit your desires. To make it even better, you will be able to create your own personal wedding webpage as part of this package. Since the program is on-line and you have your own secure login and password you are able to share your details with those of whom you may be separated by distance. Best wishes with your upcoming nuptials.

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