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Me: (My Emotions)

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On April 19th
My life was rearranged
On that very day
Everything began to change

It was Gods decision
Father knows best
In order to build character
You must pass certain test

Im still standing
My hero is gone
Never told the man I loved him
For going to work and always coming home

ME: My Emotions, a collection of poetry by R.T.J.J., expresses his innermost thoughts and emotions. ME, an abbreviation of my emotions, describes the turbulence and challenges that the author has faced on his journey to peace and acceptance. By the age of eleven, he had lost both of his patents and had become an alcoholic. At twelve, he went to jail, where he began smoking weed and PCP by the time he was thirteen. He finally put his troubled past behind him and returned to the church and God Almighty for forgiveness and redemption.

Come along as his poetry evokes the bleakness of his past and the triumph of the new life that he has begun with Jesus Christ as his guide.

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