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From Childhood to Christhood: A Journey into Universal Divine Consciousness

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Jocelyne Ranucci saved her own life. Fed up with abusive relationships and dead end jobs, she set out to become the architect of her own salvation. Through a careful process of study and meditation she began to realize that we are all the creators of our own destiny, that we can learn to love and accept ourselves deeply, and that we can leave the destructive patterns of the past behind, forever.

Her story is touching, her transformation profound. With great candor, warmth and wit she reveals the most intimate details of her personal struggle and shows us how we can bridge the gap between spirituality and every day life. She teaches us how to unleash the great healing power that lies buried deep within us so that we too can alter our path, conquer our fears and free our spirit, allowing us to embrace the joys and the serenity of the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Extract from the Kirkus review

"Jocelyne Ranucci, the author experienced a rough childhood starved of love, approval and support; her mother was highly critical and manipulative and left her to fend for herself at the age of 16. Though she remained deeply convinced of her own value, the author began to realize that she was replicating in her adult relationships the damage she had suffered as a child. In order to overcome these negative patterns, she dedicated herself to her spiritual growth. Here, she shares her journey, the universal laws and divine resources she discovered and the ways in which she was able to reinvent her outlook on life. Ranucci's insights are compelling because they demonstrate how she has concretely improved her daily life, and she offers enough guidance for readers to begin their own journeys."

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