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Golden Years: Three Tales for a Winter's Evening

344 pages6 hours


Murder? Love and marriage? Conflict to the bitter end? Spiritual redemption? Comedy? Suicide? Tragedy? Joy?

GOLDEN YEARS has it all and then some.

But the unique, the surprising, thing is its about seniors.

Seniors? Theyve been off the map for years, havent they? Why bother?

But thats the uniqueness, the surprise. The best-kept secret in the literary world is that seniors have terrific stories to tell!

Consider: Two still vigorous oldsters in a nursing home get married. But problems arise, including the stroke of one of them before the wedding...

Or: a once prominent socialite, finally recovering from her second stroke, takes instant offence at her octogenarian room mate. She develops a highly principled plan to resolve this dilemma...

Or: a middle-aged lawyer brings his much-feared and now aged father home from a home to care for him. But dad has totally changed...

Just tiny tastes, I know: Why not buy the book for the full, satisfying, meal!

You wont be disappointed. The characters will intrigue and delight; the dialogue is engaging and rings true; there are absorbing plots with unforeseen twists, and conclusions that will surprise, even shock. Above all, youll have a good read.

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