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A Practical Guide for the Spiritist: Handbook on Personal Conduct

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Having faced adversity and tragedy in his early life, Miguel Vives found salvation in Spiritism and renown and success as a healing and spiritual medium. Yet while Vives made his mark as a nineteenth-century Spiritist, for anyone who is determined to achieve moral and spiritual advancement in this lifetime and beyond, his teachings shine as a twenty-first century beacon of inspiration and affirmation.

In this concise guidebook, translated from Spanish by Edgar Crespo, Vives draws a precise roadmap that shows how we can reach a new level of spiritual fulfillment and a profound sense of peace and communion with humanity. Based on his understanding of the natural and spiritual law of reincarnation, Vives provides guidelines for our obligations to our Creator and to Jesus-based on a universal moral code that goes beyond any creed or religion.

Vives also shows how we are to behave with love and charity with our families, with ourselves, and with all other persons, even those who bring heartache and pain. Steered by an abiding devotion to moral and ethical conduct, Vives spells out how we can obtain the moral courage to triumph over the challenges of life.

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