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A Nation of Haters and Victims: Or a Nation of Thinkers, Hopers, and Doers

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The truth does not just set us free; it will keep us free. In A Nation of Haters and Victims, author Ruth E. Todd demonstrates the importance of seeking the truth about issues, events, and policies affecting the country.

A Nation of Haters and Victims details how the United States is becoming a nation of haters and victims. Haters and victims have permeated our society and created a national malaise that makes us unable to think clearly. Because we have stopped thinking for ourselvesrelying on the media and other sources to tell us what to thinkour national character has been changed.

But, Todd, a longtime observer of people, politics, and current events, shows that it is not too late to take the country back from the haters and victims. A Nation of Haters and Victims provides solid steps for reversing the trend of victimhood and hate in order to become a nation of thinkers, hopers, and doers. Readers of the book have said that I am challenging modern media and that I am brave to do so. I want people to think for themselves and research the truth and facts and not listen to the half-truths or what someone wants us to believe. It is time we remember who we are and what made us the country of choice for so many immigrants.

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