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The Senator

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Mum, let me have the money I told you about or father knows Larry confronts a fear-stricken, gaping mother.
Not long after, he calls himself The Senator. His mother believes hes joking. So does his father. At just twelve and in JSS 1, he must only be joking.
But Mike, his only friend from childhood knows better. Larrys for real. And so are his victims, opponents and the Senate building in Abuja.
The terrain is tough but then is Larry. He has a mind-set and his method is two fold Blackmail, Murder. Thats the only means of getting to the top in Nigeria, he says.

This is an apt summary of the nation called Nigeria. The Author, Tai Emeka Obasi was explicit in the way he brought home the reality of a country with so much paradox in a flowing, almost poetic and dramatic style.
The Senator is bizarre, ruthless in expression but immensely interesting.
The reader is also going to find the debt of research, humour, suspense, political intrigue all ingredients of a must read IRRESISTIBLE!
-Henry Okoduwa.

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