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From Horse and Buggy to Space

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Oscar Schaers family members were plain American folks who worked hard and contributed to the advancement of a great nation. In his memoir From Horse and Buggy to Space, Schaer shares his intriguing life story while providing a compelling glimpse back into history.

From his first recollections growing up in Columbus, Ohio, when trash collectors traveled by horse and wagon and a Freezy Frozen Chocolate Malted Milkshake was the consolation prize for not crying during a smallpox vaccination, Schaer chronicles his ordinaryand sometimes extraordinaryjourney through life. He recounts moments such as the time his blue collar family lost their home to foreclosure during the Great Depression, his first train ride was as a young Navy enlistee during World War II, and how the GI bill helped him attend the University of Ohio as a mechanical engineering student. He provides an honest portrayal of what life was really like for a man lucky enough to live through two centuries.

From horses and buggies to shiny Model T Fords to space exploration and international travel, Oscar Schaers compilation of a lifetime of memories provides both a personal and historical legacy to be enjoyed and treasured.

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