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The Great Escape

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In the beginning, when Adam disobeyed the mandate of God, he fell from the lofty heights of the heavens. He lost his keen awareness of God and ceased to operate in the higher realm of the kingdom. Adam then became prisoner to the limited realm of earth and its restrictionsbut God had a plan for the redemption of man and the restoration of his dominion on the earth. God's plan for man was THE MAN, Christ Jesus.

Jesus came into the world to raise all men from the dust of circumstance into the glorious liberty of the Spirit of God.
Jesus came to open the eyes of man's understanding that all might know the hope of God's call and the riches of His inheritance in the saints.
Jesus came to free every man from the spiritual chains of fear, guilt, and condemnation.
Jesus came to free man from the demands of the law.
Jesus came to liberate man from the island of the five senses into the unbounded glory of the heavens.
The revelation of Jesus and His finished work IS "The Great Escape" from every form of death and corruption.

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