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Street Stories God's Glory: Spread the Good News

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What comes to your mind when a person knowingly or unknowingly walks up to you and says, I got something I want you to read. In simple language, do you take the time to envision their expression, or do you shun the idea that someone else is trying to stuff an idea, thought, or some way-out story into your mind? No matter what your answer may be, I took the chance and read the material handed to me through the person of Joseph T. Reese, and to my surprise, I was captivated by the passion and open-heartedness of this vibrant writer. To pen the words to paper will continue until the end of time, for the KJV Bible declares in Ecclesiastes 12:12, And further, by these, my son, be admonished of making many books there is no end and much study is a weariness of the flesh. This book that you are holding and contemplating on purchasing for self or some close friend should stimulate your drive and desire to see how the God of heaven can take an eager and inspiring young man from the atmosphere of Street Life as we call it, to a profound dreamer, visionary, poet, and author. I believe, like myself, youll see perhaps some images of yourself in these writings and in turn, will stop to give God glory for allowing Joseph T. Reese to tell the story from his view on life.

Elder Joseph L. Reaves Jr.
Pastor, Greater Faith House of Prayer

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