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George Washington's Smallest Army: The Miracle Before Trenton

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George Washington's Smallest Army is a fanciful, feel good tale of three critters who live around Miller's Pond in Pennsylvania, and how they help George Washington at a critical time in the Revolutionary War. Before they help him, a wise owl teaches a young frog to speak other critter languages, and they later recruit a third critter--a white mouse-- to help them "civilize" the critters around the pond. They save the life of a large wolf, and later meet George Washington who has just been chased out of New Jersey by the Redcoats. At this point they create a clever plan that helps George build confidence to later cross the Delaware River and defeat the Redcoats at Trenton and Princeton. The story is consistent with historic accounts of the Revolutionary War, and one must wonder, did it really happen this way? It's possible, maybe.

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