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View from the Back Pew

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Malone Harris has wanted to leave The Shelter from the Storm Church in Christ for a long time, but even more so after she and her best friend, Alanna, had a falling out regarding Alannas affair with their pastor. As her love for the place begins to diminish, she changes her point of view by sitting in the back pew where she does more people-watching than lesson-learning. In silent observation, she discovers there is more going on than praise and worship amongst the congregation of the Houston-area mega church. The young and trendy congregation flock into the sanctuary to see and be seenbut its what the members arent seeing that is putting their very souls in jeopardy.

Alanna Crawford makes a hasty retreat from The Shelter after it becomes painfully obvious she cant count on Pastor Wilson McKinney to leave his wife and make her his First Lady like hed been promising he would for years. In search of a new church, a new man, and hopefully the new title of First Lady, she sets her sights on the handsome new pastor of a newly emerging church in town. Her feminine wiles are no match for the nave preacher and soon, shell be well on her way to getting everything she wants, but will the freaky skeletons in her closet cause her to lose it all?

For Malone and Alanna, what started as a journey for peace and a spiritual relationship with God, ended as a journey through a sinners paradise when they find out they were surrounded by schemers, liars and hypocritesand that they were being led by the biggest Charlatan of them all! Will they ever find whatever it was they were looking for that fateful day years ago when they joined hands and joined ranks with the worldly masses at The Shelter from the Storm Church in Christ?

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