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Four Dogs and Their Tales

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Kissy and Kawdje are Tibetan Spaniels adopted into the same household. Kissy is an affectionate, confident, agressive extrovert. Kawdje is cautious and reserved. Topaz is a gentle German Shorthaired Pointer who lives in love and harmony with the animals that, according to her breed, she is supposed to hunt and chase. Michael Archangelo is a mixed breed street dog from Mexico who had never known love and was fearful of people until he takes a leap of faith by deciding to trust an American woman who befriends him.

It is the sport of Dog Agility that brings the dogs and their families together and the story is built around training for and competing in agility events. Becoming winning teams at the World Dog Agility Games held annually in Arizona and earning placements on The Top Ten list that would make them eligible to represent Team USA at the International Dog Agility Championships is put on the agenda. Motherhood alters everyones plans because of an unplanned mating. A wedding takes place between two of the dogs family members. Of course the dogs take part in the ceremony. A strange crop circle experience involving the dogs and their families raises profound questions and controversial thoughts among the families about the distinction that humans make between themselves and animals.

Love for these four dogs inspires their families to try to institute worldwide pet-friendly air travel conditions. Can they succeed?

The dogs act, think and feel in ways that mirror human behavior as they cope with the ups and downs and the personal and professional dilemmas of daily life.

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