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Love Eternal

360 pages5 hours


On a usual night out with her friends, Angelique's life changes forever. She falls in love with a vampire when he enters the bar capturing her attention along with all the other women in the bar but he choses her. After spending the whole night together, Christian offers her the chance of forever youth. Angelique accepts his proposal without hesitation.

As the time passes by, Angelique learns about her new life. Her love for Christian intensifies each day, and she cannot imagine living without him. But unknown to both of them, Christian has a son, Michael, who is planning a way to kill his father. Living with the truth of having a vampire father brings nothing but unhappiness to Michael. When he finds Christian, Angelique is unable to stop him and she can only weep as she witnesses her most beloved burned to ashes.

Follow Angelique and her journey with Christian and their eternal love.

This is the first book of a trilogy. Look for Book Two coming soon!

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