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Lonnie's Book of Song: If My Soul Could Speak

76 pages34 minutes


Get ready for a 3-D emotional rollercoaster ride. You will laugh and cry with all your senses being aroused.

Wrights poems will have you reflecting on, remembering and reliving emotions evoked by a profound relationship and the growth we experience as a result of loving.

For ages poetry has been an outlet to express the inner affections of the heart. Those affections are often hard to describe. Wright has done it with ease and seems to capture the true human emotions that go along with such passionate sentiments.

Lonnies Book of Song is not just for the poetry reader. Wrights harmonious poems come from what she calls inspiredwordsoul which is a mixture of inspiration, imagination and emotions. This collection of poems is not limited to the romantic kind. Every poem is written with excitement and conviction from the soul. For an emotional rollercoaster ride read the poems aloud. When you cannot find the words for intense feelings of conflict, sadness and joy all happening at the same time, you may be hungry for poetry. Whether you are celebrating a death, birth or marriage; If you are in love, in heart-joy or heart-break; the prescription needed is poetry.

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