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The Last Generation, the Rapture, and the Wrath

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The generation that witnesses the restoration of Israel in 1948 will not pass away until all things revealed to John in the book of Revelation is fulfilled.

Jesus Christ predicted a movement for global peace in the first seal and a horse rider that will take away peace from the earth in the second seal. He predicted global economic crisis in the third seal and World War III in the fourth seal. In the fifth seal, he revealed the severe persecution that is coming upon his followers and the great tribulation that is coming upon the Jews. Jesus also predicted the resurrection of the saints and a terrible war that will be fought in the Middle East in a place known as Armageddon. In the seventh vial of judgment, he warned of an earthquake that will be the greatest in the history of humanity. While many seers have predicted future events, none can be compared with the authority and finality with which Jesus prophesied about the events that are happening and that will continue to happen within the next two decades. Wisdom demands that we pay attention to the word of this Man from Galilee.

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