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One of a Kind

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Everyone wants to get in on the action when a unique 1873-S silver dollar is put up for auction at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York. With huge amounts of money at stake the auction turns into a multimedia event where the fabulously rich mingle with con men and scam artists. Among the players are Lord and Lady Welton; ex-union boss, Salvatore Corelli and his daughter, Lucia; business tycoon Adam Sloan; and Howie Roth, a small-time coin dealer, whose scheme to own the coin doesnt even involve bidding. As lives collide during the four days of lot viewing, romance blooms, hostilities flare, and unlikely alliances form. By the time the auction starts on Sunday, Adam has learned the importance of family and heritage, Corelli and Howie have devised a cant-miss scheme to switch the silver dollar for a fake one, and Howie and Lucia are engaged.

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