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Ankle Collar

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Get ready for gut wrenching laughter as you explore a comical premise that hasnt been fully touched on! ANKLE COLLAR is a hilarious comedy based on the chaotic struggles of Kyle Walsh, a handsome thirty-year-old Yale educated attorney and posh living bachelor with a penchant for beautiful women.

While working for the largest and most prestigious law firm in Chicago, Kyles eloquent legal career is well on the high road. That is, until a fight with one of the firms senior and well-respected partners causes his immaculate existence to quickly vanish. Kyle is arrested, fired, and while in jail he is stripped of everything that was purchased and lavished upon him by the firm. Cole Adams, a friend and fellow law schoolmate comes and rescues him from getting more jail time or even disbarred. Kyle is sentenced to pay a hefty court fine, is given six months of curfew restriction and must wear an ANKLE COLLAR, an electronic device to monitor the restriction.

Hysterical complications abound as Kyles life turns completely upside down. He becomes homeless, the firm spitefully freezes all of his monetary assets, and he becomes blacklisted by every law firm in Chicago. Kyle gets a job as a waiter and as he begins to settle into his new life, he attempts dating again but soon learns that women and ankle collars dont mix! Feeling the prejudicial impact that the ankle collar exudes, he creates an online dating website for the plight of those also with ankle collars. When the law firm returns to wreak more havoc, Kyle becomes hard pressed and he aggressively sets out on a course to get back to the plush life he once had!

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