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No Game for Amateurs: The Search for a Japanese Mole on the Eve of Ww Ii

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As America moves ever closer to joining the World War, which is already raging in Europe and the Far East, President Franklin D. Roosevelt on occasion turns to his old friend, Vincent Astor, who happens to be the richest man in the country to carry out espionage missions. Astor has hired Charles Worthington, a recent Harvard Law graduate as his personal assistant, and it is to Charles that many of the espionage tasks fall. The initially reluctant Charles struggles with his own conscience as he is drawn ever deeper into this world of shadows, where murder and deception are commonplace and all is often not as it first appears. The breaking of the Japanese diplomatic code alerts President Roosevelt to the presence of a mole within U.S. Intelligence in New York and Charles is tasked with ferreting out this traitor. In his hunt, our amateur spy, who is not really what he himself claims to be, falls in love, encounters a fun-loving Japanese journalist, a sensuous, female Russian spy and gets an Italian mobster bodyguard. Charles life grows ever more complicated as he narrows his search to the most likely suspects and cleverly works to identify the mole as December 7th approaches.

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