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Kiss Upon the Brow

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About Kiss Upon the Brow:

The story takes place in the foothills of Kentucky on the appalachian line. The time is the 1950's into the early 1960's.

Goosy was born into extreme poverty; however, she was nearing ten years of age before she realized that her family was destitute. Her vibrant personality and her innate ability to memorize lines led her to excell in school. Her hunger for mischef however, pointed her in the direction of trouble from time to time.

."I could hear Don hollering, 'Goosy's kilt, Goosy's Kilt!' "

."Eat it? I thougt to myself, so, that's what I did. I ate it. I was amazed that I had eaten the cup that a mere few moments ago had been filled with ice cream."

.."huh, I've been referred to as fiesty, high-strung, silly and the word hyperactivity has been tossed around. I guess that means I have a pretty good case of hypersillitivity."

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