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No Good Deed

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Phillip Hughes is an American Icon. By his own account, and in the eyes
of a nation, he leads the perfect life. In the two decades since winning a
record shattering 386 million dollar Lottery jackpot, his unique rise to A-list
celebrity stardom has been rivaled by only the most famous of the famous
not that he would ever admit it. His modesty, sincerity, and genuine bluecollar
likability are only some of the qualities which fueled his constant
fame. Now, in his retirement, he is rather unwillingly opening up for an
exclusive biography. At the same time, Phil, his brother Chase, and their
closest friends are hard at work hand building their own high performing,
yet highly efficient vehicle. Should their design succeed, it stands to forever
transform the perception of truth in the automotive world. Unfortunately,
this design draws the attention of Fontane Oil, the largest crude oil refiner
in the country. When Phil refuses their multiple offers to purchase his patent,
things turn dire fast. Almost instantly, Phils world crashes around
him, pinning his resolve against the will of a power greater than he. Join
Phil as he relives his past, wrestles with his present, and desperately tries
to alter his future.

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