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A Diary of Healing: My Intense and Meaningful Life with Cancer

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A Diary of Healing? is honest, real, scary and hysterically funny and I feel honored to have read it. I know anyone who picks it up will feel the same way.

-Jessica Podoshen, The Oprah Magazine

Mary Ann Wasil's hilariously touching account of her battle with breast cancer will have you laughing even as you're reaching for the tissue box.

-Meg Cabot, Author of The Princess Diaries and Size 12 and Ready to Rock

At the time of my diagnosis, I scoured the bookstores and internet for stories that would lift me up, tell me this was do-able. I found very few. My story is your story, as long as your story is filled with unflinching hope.

Since I cant be right beside you to hold your hand and tell you you can do this, I hope this book will be the next-best-thing.

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